Hay Feeder Revisited…AGAIN!

The recent ‘injury’ to my ram lamb Porthos’ little horn has taken me back to the drawing board – REDESIGNING the sheep’s portable hay feeder. While I’m not certain, I forgot all about my ram lamb – sticking his head into the feeder – through the hog panel – and catching himself on his horn buds! That’s certainly the most probable cause of his injury. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? BTW, Porthos is doing fine. I’ll have to get a pic of his head/horn so you can see…and we’ll track the progress of his horn re-growth.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…yet another reiteration of the hay feeder attributed to my hubby’s genius. Fundamentally, think along the scale of a really big bird feeder.

We removed ALL of the hog panel. No more heads getting stuck. We completely RECYCLED the ‘prior’ configuration and reused salvaged wood from my kids play fort that we’re disassembling. Rather than a plywood ‘lid’, I asked hubby if we could use something lighter and weather resistant? He chose a flexible corrugated-type panel.

The top is hinged which allows it to pivot to load hay. A peg/bolt holds it in place/closed.

It appears the sheepies approve. Now look at all that lush grass – they sure don’t need hay!!!