It’s lavender pick’n tyme!

Yes indeed…the lavender is ready to harvest! Lots and lots of lavender…

Lavender to enjoy fresh-picked in a vase, tussie-mussies or nosegays, lavender wands, wreaths and more…

Or, to preserve for later use. .. sachets to scent your linens, toss in the dryer, natural moth-chasers for your fiber stash, dream pillows, bath soaks, scrubs and such. And, how about culinary uses?

To pick lavender, look for mature ‘swelled’ buds, perhaps with a bud or two in flower. Too many ‘bloomed’ flowers and you’re a little late pick’n, but still ‘usable’. It’s best to pick (any herbs) in the early morning, after the dew has dried/burned off. Picking lavender helps to shape your plant and assures a second (but not as prolific) bloom for harvest in the early Fall. Think of it as ‘dead-heading’ other flowers in your garden!

To ‘preserve’ lavender, simply gather a small bundle with a rubber band (too much and it may mold) and hang-dry the bundle upside-down with raffia in a well ventilated room – out of direct sunlight!

Or, as an alternative to hanging bundles, use an old screen door/window and layer lavender on the surface of the screen; place the screen on wood blocks or between chairs to aid good air circulation. Garble lavender buds for easy storage!

How do you know when to pick lavender?

To review, the lavender on the left, is a bit past ‘perfect’ to harvest…the buds will fall off the stems as they dry. The buds on the far right are not quite mature enough, but the center stem is just right for pick’n! Smells heaven-ly too!

What do you do with your lavender harvest?

sun + warm = spring fever

I’ve been working in the shop the past few days. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Tossing all the holiday greens (treats for the goats and sheep), making way for Spring. It was 100 degrees F in the greenhouse before noon…by the time I opened the door to allow the radiant heat to penetrate and warm the shop.

I know there’s still snowdrifts galore, and no sign of ‘green’ anywhere, but I think I’m coming down with a touch of spring fever! My latest project list confirms my suspicions…I’m making lots of bunnies, topiary forms and sweet herbal sachets! Here’s a sneak peak…I’m not nearly done ~ actually only just begun! I’ll explain HOW-TO’s in a few days. Perhaps share a bunny pattern too for those not gifted with drawing ‘free-hand’?

 I like simple, prim-looking sweet herbal sachets…to scent a drawer, a closet, tuck under the pillow or scent a room! They are wonderful to make and fill with all the dried goods from the herb garden. Most herbs do very well by just hang-drying: make a small bundle and secure the stems with a rubberband. Hang from a peg (flower side down) out of direct sunlight  for a couple of weeks. When dry, you can store as a bundle, or garble the leaves and store in a dark airtight container.

I’ve got several projects in the works…as usual! Hope you enjoy your day!