No, not a demo-nstration. Rather, a demo-lition!! YIKES!! My powder room (ie half-bath) has been DEMOLISHED! Completely and totally out-of-commission. It was supposed to be an ‘over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’ project! Ya, right!?!

The extreme condensation ‘leakage’ from the toilet tank (cold well-water temp meets warm summer temp) over the past 22-years have finally taken its toll! A little more PM would-of, could-of possibly curtailed a major bathroom re-do!

ALL the fixtures had to be removed in order to replace the rotted wood floor. On the bright side, as I write this, I’m happy to report that the toilet has been replaced… and it is functional. WOOT WOOT! So much for being a pioneer-woman!??? I l.i.k.e. my modern conveniences!

I also have new sheet linoleum flooring. The bathroom vanity still has to be replaced/installed. It’s been sitting in a box in the garage for a couple of months. I removed the former wallpaper, etc. We plan to re-paint the walls and place bead-board on the ceiling too.

I’ll keep you ‘posted’. It’s likely to take a while…in the grand scheme of things!

Slow and steady…

Two projects better than one? Not necessarily! No. 1 – We’re working on a half-bath (some folks call it a powder room) make-over. We’re waiting on the flooring that had to be special ordered. The wallpaper has been removed along with all the fixtures. I washed – scrubbed – the walls to remove traces of paper and paste. Whew! That was a workout! I’ve spot repaired/patched holes from screws and fasteners from ‘fixtures’ that will no longer be used. I’ve also re-painted the mirror and toilet paper holder…antiqued black.

We also purchased a new vanity/sink combo (from Home Depot) that adds a bit of farmhouse charm. 

I found a re-cycled window made into/cabinet that will hang over the commode from a local antique shop.

Project No. 2 – We decided to re-work the back porch (aka deck) into a more serviceable – at least for our lifestyle – screened-in, bug-free back porch. After hubby worked through planning, design and finally a materials list… we began demolition – or, rather ‘de-construction.’

We’ve decided to work within the existing footprint (and brickwork).

ALL of the de-constructed lumber will be stored and recycled for odd projects around the barnyard…no doubt! Remember, I wanted a ‘dog-house’ on top of the sheep’s play platform.

Finally, some building materials $$$$!

Next, we began construction…with a bit of framing for a new roof and frame-work for the screened panels.

My father-in-law (now deceased), a retired bricklayer, helped us with the original brickwork many years ago. It mimics the front porch foundation.

The past two days we’ve been hindered with rain…and tonight hubby’s just too tired to work.

Katie is close-by to offer a hand…preparing dinner…which we’ll enjoy on the back porch ~ one day!

Enjoy the simple things in life!

A work in progress…

Since it’s too HOT to work outside, we thought perhaps it’s a good opportunity to re-do our half bath…aka powder room.

Trust me, it’s long overdue. The real need for the re-do is attributed to the major condensation ‘leakage’ from the toilet tank, accumulative damage to the floor over the past 20 years or so.

The wallpaper is coming down and the walls will receive a fresh coat of paint – a neutral color most likely. We’re planning on putting bead board on the ceiling. I’d love to replace the sink and ‘vanity’ with a farmhouse looking pedestal sink, but I really need the storage a cabinet has to offer. I may just paint the existing vanity/cabinet to change it up a bit – to look like a piece of furniture – and antique it to show the appearance of wear?

Did I mention we’re replacing the flooring?

I’d love an old farmhouse door! 

I’m also looking for an antique (medicine) cabinet to hang above the toilet.  

I’m keeping/re-painting the light fixture and mirror.

Well, like I said…it’s a work in progress. Stay tuned for updates.

Hope you’re coping with the heat!