red, white and…


I made several ‘new’ pillows over the holiday week. A simple red stripe ticking pillow cover/insert and recycled grain sacks with tie closures [for ease of laundering].

While I was feeling patriotic, I also made a few red/white/blue banners.


I cut the pennants from an inexpensive cotton red striped dish towel! I folded over a seam [and machine stitched] to run my cotton cord through. I used bits of blue calico cotton fabric for the stars. I simply made a star paper pattern that I liked and traced it onto the blue fabric. [You could also block print/stamp a star motif.]


Since I didn’t want to spend hours hand-stitching all the stars to the pennant, I used a few dabs of fabric glue to make quick work out of my patriotic banner(s). There’s always room for one more…

 woohoo…and there you have it!

My ‘Grain Sack’ Flea Market Find

A week or so ago, I shared my ‘faux’ grain sack foot stool make-over. Since my household budget won’t allow the extravagance of the real deal (antique grain sacks range $50 and upward), that is, one with graphics, stripes, embroidered initials, made with linen or hemp…I decided to fake my grain sack’s appearance (and used a heavy cotton duck which I painted with stripes/graphics).

Well, this weekend I visited my local flea market and found my $3 antique grain sacks – yes, that’s $3 total (or $1.50 each)!?

After a pre-soak and twice through the wash cycle, here’s what they look like. They ain’t pretty; they are ‘worn’ and have a couple of repairs and a few tatters/holes over the course of its hard-working years.

A true piece of Americana dating from the late 19th Century ~ early 1900’s.  The Royal River Seamless grain bag with its logo in faded blue was made in the area of Yarmouth, Me on the Royal River. 

It is a cotton bag of a coarse weave.  Logo in the center on front with a band of stripes on either side both front and back.

This one is in better condition than the other…and has blue/red stripes.

But, I really love the eagle graphic on this one, despite its poor condition.


And it has mustard and blue stripes…

I think I may be able to make four pillows from these vintage grain sacks!

Last, I came home with one more treasure…

Another little fuzzy lion head bunny whom Katie named ‘Dom’.