A Funky Little Tree

I’m often picking through the wood scraps that hubby tosses into the fire-box… looking for little bits that could possibly be transformed into something ‘cool’? Something like my little funky Christmas ‘tree’.

To make my little tree, I used (six) scrap wood slats cut to desired lengths, painted first with a coat of burnt umber and then a thin topcoat of antique white acrylic craft paint. But, you could paint a more traditional ‘green’ tree, or use no paint at all. I’ve seen similar trees made with different bits of trim mouldings too! Since I didn’t have a set of alphabet stamps in the font/size I liked, I decided to use my computer/printer and ‘aged’ paper. (However, you could hand-paint your sentiments directly onto the wood.) I used Mod Podge to ‘glue’ the letters to my wood. Next, I added a coat of tinted wax and nailed a wood star to the tree-top. My ‘tree’ stands about 28-inches tall and can be placed in an old crock on the doorstep or hung on the wall… to greet holiday visitors!

Today, I also made a few ‘graphic’ ornies/gift tags similar to these lovelies from pilo.ca that are featured in the current issue of Country Living.

I really like these ornies… a lot! So, I went to my fav graphics resource… The Graphics Fairy and made a few of my own:

Of course, I had to make a sheep or two. I like the pair of reindeer/stags…

And, oh ya, I’m in l-o-v-e with this goat too! You don’t often see many goatie decorations!?? I’ll have to make a few more of these goats for sure!

I used inexpensive cotton muslin and an iron-on transfer media available for purchase at most craft stores. (I found mine at JoAnnes) I used a natural, coarser weave fabric for the backing, and top-stitched the two pieces (front & back) together leaving an opening for stuffing. Don’t forget to add a ‘hanger’. I used hemp garden twine for my hanger. Instead of a synthetic filler/stuffing, I added my herbs and spices (rosemary, lavender, cloves, allspice, juniper berries, cinnamon, orange peel, etc.) for a pleasantly scented ornie! I think they would be a nice hand-made tag embellishment on a gift too!  

Well, I’m off to find a DUCK graphic for my brothers ~ who are BIG duck hunters! Maybe a Christmas goose…??

Barnyard Muck…

You can’t miss the arrival of ‘SPRING’ on the farm…melting snow, freezing rain, sunny sky and lots of MUD! The ground is still frozen beneath the surface, particularly in the well-protected shady areas and the shadows of outbuildings. Snow melts and re-freezes…with perhaps a passing shower contributing to the lake-in-my-backyard!

Essential outer-wear on the farm: 1) coveralls and 2) leak-proof(?) barn boots!

This is my lawn…

…and the alley leading to my back-barn.

Here’s a typical barnyard where there’s a lot of ‘traffic’.

But, the critters seek high ground.

 And hate to get their little feet wet!

So, any platform will serve as a deck to sun bathe.

They’re not sure it’s safe to cross-over!

Here’s a look at ‘baby-bumps’.

Sweet Annie, a first freshener, is due April 5. Next is Coriander, another first freshener, is due April 15. ‘Freshened’ in a dairy goat refers to the cycle of breeding, kidding, and coming into milk. Annie & Corie will be two years old this April.

Schaherezade is due to kid April 1 (gestation period is 145 -155 days, with 150 days average.)

The ‘babies’ (DOUBLE TROUBLE) wanted a pic too!

Then Brutus said: “Hey! What about handsome ME?”

Annie can’t seem to figure out what all the fuss is about!???

There’s still plenty of snow on the ground.

But, beneath it all, there’s a hint of spring…snowdrops!

Before I sign-off, here’s a project I worked on yesterday…a goat-y gift tag/ornie.

Do you recognize Schaherezade?

My goat-friend’s daughter’s bridal shower is Saturday. She had once owned/raised Schaherezade and sold her to me a few years ago. Silly, but I had to make a goat-y ornie to commemorate their wedding date. I drew a pic of Schaz on muslin, cut it out, stitched, painted, sealed and filled with organic lavender. Heavenly scented! On the back of the ornie, the bride & groom’s names and wedding date is hand-written with a black Sharpie. I finished it off with a bit of blue yarn for a ‘hanger’ and a vintage mother of pearl button. I hope it’s not too silly!

My daughter (Katie) said ‘MOM, get a life!” What do ya expect from a teen?