Recycled embroidery hoops?

…not more sheepy art???

If you have a few old embroidery hoops lying around your sewing room (I like the metal or wood hoops), why not re-use them to frame art?? A little bit of embroidery floss, a few plain – or – fancy stitches, a dozen French knots… and you have a simple little wall decoration, cupboard knob decor, gift package tie-on, ornie… I’m sure you can add to the creative possibilities?!

I used a 4-inch hoop, recycled linen and a rubber stamp for my sheep ‘template’.

Plain or fancy: add a little paint or stain to the embroidery hoop, ribbon or lace.

Add a little decorative paper scrap (or fabric) glued to the back to finish it off!

…add a little seasonal embellishment?

A little piece of twig for the pumpkin stem – just for fun – and a ribbon or twine to hang.

Happy weekend!