Make room…

…for more snow!?

This is the view from my window ~ today…what happened to Spring?

Old man winter isn’t giving up without a fight here in Michigan! Nevermind…I’m still working on bunnies and preparing my shop for Spring re-opening! I’ve been making soap all last week too!

This primitive bunny is a smaller version of some of my earlier bunnies. He’s stitched on muslin, painted with acrylics, bead eye and stitched nose. I dry-brushed a bit of color in his ear and added a wooly tail. I needle felted a carrot in two halves and then needle felted/attached them through the ‘center’ of the topiary base. Added a few snippets of green wool for carrot tops.

Oh, and tucked in a bit of dried fragrant herbs before I stitched him up!

I’m hoping for warmer weather since we’ll be shearing sheep this weekend….!