cRaZy busy days

Lots of stuff converging… gardening/harvesting, managing the flock of growing lambs and kids, housekeeping chores… and the simple act[s] of day-to-day living.

Among all the activities, Katie & I have been focusing some attention on a few 4H Armada Fair projects, namely dairy product and fiber art. Two topics/categories which are natural  for ‘us’ since our lives are spent around our dairy goat(s) and small flock of Shetland sheep [that is, fiber].

When we became owners of a pair of dairy does [six years ago], we were naive in the ways of goatkeeping. We have learned [and continue to learnso very much from our sweet goat friends! Our goat dairy [consumable] 4H project is chosen each year with focus on a particular country/culture… and then the  research/trials begin. For example, France/Chevre, Greece/Feta, Italy/Ricotta, and so on. Last year we chose England/Cheddar, in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! This year, Katie chose Mexico!

But, today’s post is a sneak peek on one of her wooly fiber art possibilities for Fair. This wooly project involves several techniques/skills: wet felting in the flat, 3D wet felting, needle felting, a little sewing, knitting and machine felting.


I know what you’re think’n, but I didn’t have anything to do with Katie’s SHEEPY choice!!! I like this project because it represents the wonderful natural color/pattern(s) of the Shetland sheep!!! It requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS – anyone can do it! Katie will be able to share the various ‘how-to’ fiber’n techniques with the judge. I think this little sheepy[pillow] turned out quite well…even if she doesn’t make it to the Armada Fair. Katie has a couple more wooly fiber art project in the works…

Happy fiber’n!

playing with wool & water [felt]

wool + water + agitation

===> good clean fun!



wool batt




I recently finished a wet-felted project: one folky sheepy table runner!

felt runner

I used a variety of my natural colored Shetland wool.

wet felt shetland

After felting, I added a few sheepy details.

sheepy runner

Wet-felting: no ‘special’ tools [or skillz] required!!!

sheep table runner

BAA!!! 😀

goodness, not another sheepy project?!

Well, yes! If you know me at all, I never get tired of making sheepy anything(s). This project was a little ‘gift’ to self [a belated Mother’s Day gift perhaps?]! Call me a one-trick-pony, but I am passionate about making sheep! Each sheep/project is as ‘ewe’-nique as each one of my small flock of Shetland sheep. They’re such peaceable creatures… I can sit for hours in the grass with a lamb or two in my lap… and they love it!

This was a very easy peasy, quickie, kid-proof wet felting project. I made them for ME to be used as sheepy coasters, ya know, to protect your furniture from drinkies. But, you may call them trivets, mug rugs, or use them as sheep ornies, package tie-ons. String them together for a sheepy garland/banner… whatever you like? Now, what sheep-loving, fiber art, knitter, etc. wouldn’t love one of these sheepies?

sheepyhollow dahlia

A sheep of many colors…

sheepy hollow blk_brown

…and different personalities!

sheepy hollow_moorit

shh white trivet

sheepy hollow nf legs

sheepy hollow popsicle legs

sheepy hollow twig legs

shh_ trivets

My new sheepy ‘coasters’ to replace a mish-mash of my old braided heart coasters!


‘Gifted’ to me!


Look for a how-to workshop coming soon! Happy fiber’n!

lots of dots

I’m seeing lots and lots of dots!

sheepyhollow moorit

Love this quirky little ‘black’ sheep of the family [made with my Shetland].

sheepyhollow white

An elegant little lady…lots of my Shetland natural/white’dots’ & hand-dyed Rambouillet/Romney wool roving.

My little farm shop re-opens with regular hours first weekend in April!

Happy Day!

whittling down

…still working on [whittling down] my fiber stash!

sheepyhollow hand-dyed pads

Left to right: hand-dyed Corriedale/mohair, Rambouillet/Romney and natural moorit Shetland. Next, all chair pads are destined for a little needle felted sheepy embellishment!