Dear Mom

My mom is 86-years old and a recent widow. She’s hard-working, talented, housewife, homemaker, gardener, a foreigner. She continues to mourn the loss of her husband, my dad, over a year ago. She is alone. Even though, between us kids (there’s five of us), we visit mom nearly every day, but, she is alone. Mom speaks of ‘joining’ dad regularly, even though, physically, she’s in relatively good shape!

There’s a hint of early dementia, primarily memory loss. My mom is an avid gardener, but, with winter coming on, I’m looking for hobbies for mom, to occupy her time. My mom is very skilled at sewing, knitting, crocheting… so, I recently asked for her ‘help’ with a crochet project. I’d love some LARGE crocheted flowers for accessories…a quick, BUSY, project. When I asked, she told me she forgot how to crochet…

My mom taught me to crochet many many years ago…all by example (and in German). I never really knew how to read a pattern, nor the proper terms for stitches. So, I pulled out a ‘how-to’ book and viewed a few video clips…and I muddled through.

Now, I can show my dear mom how to crochet… if she wants to.