Dear Mom

My mom is 86-years old and a recent widow. She’s hard-working, talented, housewife, homemaker, gardener, a foreigner. She continues to mourn the loss of her husband, my dad, over a year ago. She is alone. Even though, between us kids (there’s five of us), we visit mom nearly every day, but, she is alone. Mom speaks of ‘joining’ dad regularly, even though, physically, she’s in relatively good shape!

There’s a hint of early dementia, primarily memory loss. My mom is an avid gardener, but, with winter coming on, I’m looking for hobbies for mom, to occupy her time. My mom is very skilled at sewing, knitting, crocheting… so, I recently asked for her ‘help’ with a crochet project. I’d love some LARGE crocheted flowers for accessories…a quick, BUSY, project. When I asked, she told me she forgot how to crochet…

My mom taught me to crochet many many years ago…all by example (and in German). I never really knew how to read a pattern, nor the proper terms for stitches. So, I pulled out a ‘how-to’ book and viewed a few video clips…and I muddled through.

Now, I can show my dear mom how to crochet… if she wants to.


I love picking fresh flowers from the yard throughout the growing season. The sunflowers are blooming! I usually plant a row of sunflowers along the north side of the veggie garden, not for picking necessarily, but for the birds!

As I prepare for an upcoming fiber festival, I’ve been busily working on another type of flower…a wooly creation.

You can make these flowers too…they’re simple, fun…and VERY free-form! 

Anyone can make these, really! All you need is some fabric. ANY fabric! I used recycled felted wool; a variety of colors and patterns, solid, plaids & checked. Any cotton, silk, burlap, etc. would be fine too! Go through your fiber/fabric stash. Dare to think of the possibilities.

For example, the ‘red’ flower is made from the satin edge/binding from a wool blanket! Hey!!??

To begin, cut or rip/tear (for a more prim look) a strip of fabric. My wool flowers are between 1/2 – inch and 1 1/2 – inch wide. Wider makes a larger, more dramatic flower. Thin, for a fine, delicate flower. There are lots of tutorials on-line if you need more detailed instructions. To begin, tie a knot at one end (or just begin to roll to form a center) and begin to wrap the fabric around the central knot, twisting it over every so often (to form petals). You may stitch w/needle and thread or use a glue gun to fasten/tack here & there as you go. More fabric…larger flower. You decide.

To finish, I cut a circle of fabric for the back, whip stitch the edge and add a pin-back.

Oh, if desired, add a leaf or two or more. How about ‘petals’ all around to make a sunflower? (I think I’ll have to make one of those…). These flowers may be used to embellish sweaters, coats, hats, handbags, hair accessory, a topper for a special wrapped package (a part of the gift)…and so much more!

The possibilities are endless!