Salute to FIBER GOATS!

It’s about time I paid a little attention to all my WOOLY friends and fiber goats…


…or is it… to my friends and their WOOLY goats??

Either way… I love my friends, my friends with WOOLY goats and my WOOLY goat friends! I¬†think¬†that about covers it.

…two are better than one.

The more, the merrier!

Black mohair on silver/gray Shetland.

I wet-felted the natural black mohair right onto the Shetland, and then top-dressed with a few staples of additional mohair.

I used the same technique with the white goat… a little disappointed. There isn’t as much contrast between the white Pygora and silver Shetland. Would have been better to have a darker background for contrast.

Yes, I used my Brutus, Pygora (Type B) raw staples. They’re lovely and lustrous.

But, my hubby said it’s like looking for a polar bear in a snow storm! Geeeesh! What do guys know????

Happy fiber’n… with GOATS too!!!!