Back porch progress update.

I’ve been occupied these past few days with the goat show at our local Armada Ag Fair (too much fun ‘playing’ with the goats and all the young showmen!).

But, Tuesday we were able to complete most of the roughing-in of the new-old back porch…at least before the forecasted rain. Here’s a few photos of our up-to-date progress:

 The south side will provide access to the porch from outdoors with steps and double screen doors ~~ all screen panels have yet to be constructed… Phase 2?

We worked within the existing ‘footprint’. We replaced the vinyl siding on the house with T-111; the floor is tongue-and-groove spruce. All ‘surfaces’ will be painted…Phase 3?

A close-up of the floor, posts, ceiling detail. We plan to install a ceiling fan.

The porch ‘roof’ will receive a wood deck to create a second floor walk-out balcony…down the road. 

Next, we’ll construct the ‘removable’ screen panels, paint, purchase a fan/light fixture, consider plants for foundation planting…and finally, furniture!?

BTW, we haven’t forgotten the powder room make-over too. There’s been a little progress going-on behind the scenes. Like painting fixtures that I plan to  re-use in the bathroom make-over. I also purchased an old, vintage door – my hubby wasn’t too pleased with me because it needs a bit of work…one more thing for him To-Do, er, fix…uh oh!

Been trying to catch-up on all the work around here. I doesn’t take long for the garden to go native!!! I’m off to harvest basil before the rain!

Before I sign-off, if you  L.O.V.E. lavender and French country decor as much as I do, check out Dreamy Whites and follow her link to Sonoma Lavender Farm where she helped style a breathtaking wedding along with other talented artists!! Enjoy!