nor•mal•cy (ˈnɔr məl si) n.     1. the state of being normal.

How do you define normal? For me, it’s finding the rhythm. The ‘rhythm’ [on a farm-ette] changes with the season. We’re almost there, almost normal. Lambing and kidding [while few in numbers here at Sheepy Hollow] is over and I’m enjoying their sweet barnyard antics! It is heart-warming to watch them grow and develop into little ‘personalities’. It makes the task of finding new homes very difficult! [sigh]

I haven’t had much free-time for fiber’n, as most of my day is spent laboring in the garden! Yes, laboring! Gardening is a great form of exercise: digging, shoveling, composting, transplanting, bending, weeding, watering, and so on… ! Makes me exhausted just writing about it [heehee]. But, our veggie garden is finally planted… and almost back to normal…maintaining and watching over it. Grow Grow Grow!

I don’t purchase many flowers [that is, annuals] anymore. Too much maintenance! Instead, I favor my easy no-care drought-tolerant perennials, biennials, self-seeding annuals, and of course, lots and lots of herbs!!!


This week I’ll be busily preparing for Dairy Days at Wolcott Farm. I’ve agreed to volunteer and talk about – cheese making – share the knowledge! Please visit the Wolcott Farm if you’re looking for a little family fun on Sunday, June 23, 2013 from 10 – 4.

On a personal/farm business note, after > ten years-in-the-making, I’ve taken steps to officially re-vamp/re-name my little farm business, Sheepy Hollow Herbs, LLC.  As most businesses, you stretch, learn, grow in different directions! Time to accept & acknowledge new challenges! However, rest assured, our family farm-ette [heehee] will remain Sheepy Hollow Farm [only my – LLC – ‘name’ will change]. I’ll keep you ‘posted’.

I’ll also be renewing/updating all my farm/blog pages as well… so looooooong overdue and out-dated! [sheeesh!!!] Please be patient with me as I ‘freshen‘ my pages!! I’ll finally add a few classes/workshops also!

In the meantime, you’ll find me in the garden, playing with the lambs and goat kids, milking my sweet dairy goat and/or fiber’n… as we enjoy the ‘normalcy‘ of the season! Have a great week!