Farmer’s markets and more

When you think Farmer’s Market, do you think loads of fresh seasonal vegetables, flowers, organic eggs,  home-baked goods and more? Do you find it comforting to talk with the farm-folk who actually grow your veggies? Have you exchanged a recipe or two,  or spent a moment chatting about plant culture? Do you feel better connected with the Earth, with ‘community’?

A true farmer’s market is one where more than one farmer shows up with his bulk produce to sell direct to the consumer. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit a local farmer’s market, I encourage you to seriously put it on your To-Do list!!

But, farmer’s markets are becoming much more…people who visit farmers’ markets (or many farm stands and off- the-beaten-path cottage businesses for that matter) have an interest in ‘the farmers’ lifestyle.’ I think there’s a romance many people have or imagine about farming, and that’s actually part of what they’re selling along with their products. It’s true…I speak from personal experience! So many ‘patrons’ visiting my shop want to move-in!

So, if interest in farmers’ markets and local food has a kind of… back to the earth vibe, another ripple may be a return to the value of craftsmanship and a greater appreciation for things made well, things made locally and things made to be useful. And that my friends, is good for the economy!

But, I’ve digressed. Long story short, I’m considering (having received several invites) branching out and perhaps selling a few of my farm-raised ‘crafts’ at a local farmer’s market…as my crazy schedule allows!