weekend re*cap

Many many heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited Sheepy Hollow this past weekend during our annual Christmas in the Country – Holiday Open House!

To those of you in blogland [and those unable to attend], here’s a little tour of what my farm shop at Sheepy Hollow looks like!

Let’s begin…

As you walk up the drive, hopefully there isn’t any laundry on the clothes-line (after all, this is also our home). I’ve dragged lots of saplings out of our woods over the years to make twig trellises, obelisks, gates and whatnot for the garden.

You’ll probably HEAR the dogs [our watchmen] before you see them.

This is our shop/greenhouse on the right and the drying barn on the left.

Pookie – the welcoming committee – is our friendliest rodent control resident.

As you step into the shop from the front porch [this will eventually become my ‘studio workspace’], this is what you’ll see.

There’s another smaller room to the right which also takes you into the attached hobby greenhouse [lots of free radiant/solar heat in the winter]. I went a bit nuts with the wooly banner decorations…



A well-stocked inventory…


The greenhouse…

Now, we’re back outside and walking from the shop into the drying barn.

…and drying barn interior – striped floors and all!

That concludes our little shop tour! Hope you all enjoyed…and now you know what I’ve been working working working on!!!