Signed, sealed and almost delivered.


We (Mary, my sister, my mom and I) listed my mom’s house for sale. The first day, Day 1, we had about a dozen people come through to ‘view’ the house [the result of internet/multi-realtor listing]. Day 2, we had three offers. ‘We’ accepted one.¬†The closing was this past Monday and my mom is no longer a home-owner. We have twenty-days to vacate and move 45-years of ‘living’.

My brothers, Mary and I have been busy to say the least. Mary already ‘packed’ my mom and went Up North to her home near Traverse City this past Tuesday. We are almost¬†done ‘packing’.

The kitchen is the last of the BIG move effort. Today, I used the only chair in the house, a swivel bar stool, to reach above the refrigerator to empty the cabinet. It swiveled, I fell over it, between my legs and backwards! I DON”T know how I am here to tell you about it! I had a guardian angel, perhaps my sister Betty, watching over me! It was not my time!

I am sore (duh?) and my inner thigh is already bruised… and I have to work tomorrow at The Wolcott Farm. BTW, I found a stepladder in the basement! Good thing bumbles bounce????

My MIL is at home – no change – no better, no worse, since we brought her home. We’ve arranged hospice care w/relatives, so all is good.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. It’s been wonderful weather-wise here… but, I’ve been packing!!