a bunny diversion

My attention has been diverted from sheep-making [for the moment] and consumed by bunny-making!


A little bunny to add to an Easter basket, table decoration or simply welcome family and friends at the door?


bunny pattern


Make a simple paper pattern and trace/pin onto your fabric. I used cotton muslin, but you could also choose a sweet calico print or wool. Remember to cut two: front and back. Stitch together 1/4-inch seam allowance all around. Leave an opening to stuff with fiberfill, sawdust, rag snippets, etc.

Once you have sewed your bunny, you may use tea-stain, or instant coffee with cinnamon or vanilla or diluted acrylic paint to ‘color’ your bunny. After they’re dry, embellish with buttons or beads for eyes, a few stitches for whiskers and mouth, details in the ear, and so on. Tie a ribbon around their neck or use a piece of jute. Don’t forget a cotton tail!!

Oh, just kidding. I made another sheep…(wink). I love the contrasting moorit and white!

sheepyhollow moorit

Happy Day!