Doodling with Wool!

Yesterday, my mom had an appointment for a ‘routine’ stress test. I was the designated driver (since my mom, 86, doesn’t drive). While she had the test, and I sat in the waiting room… I doodled!

doodle (v.) – to draw, scribble, sketch

Not with paper and pen, but with WOOL. YES, W.O.O.L., really!

Besides my more traditional, well-loved sheepy felted soap, I also ‘felt’ other images, including free-spirited  or free-styled ‘doodles‘.  I had pre-wrapped my soap in wool roving beforehand. As I headed out the door, I grabbed my bag of colored roving and my felting needle.

 With felting needle in hand, I doodled away…with no particular road map.

Some with a hidden message…

Doodling with wool is a good thing!