wooly wednesday: DIY stocking


image via


image via

How-To: A Beautiful Mess Christmas Stocking tutorial here!


…what to wear?

Hmmmmm…what to wear to Fair for the GOAT Show??? Any ideas, Slater???



I know… something ‘GOATY’ perhaps? MUST LOVE GOATS!


goat milk shirt

Of course!!!  A simple DIY 4H project! Read about ‘how-to’ bleach pen ART here!

never enough calendars…

This time of year, I think you can never have enough little calendars… tucked here ‘n there…the office, studio, sewing room…!!

Here’s a simple how-to


Beth at Patina Whitejust minutes to patina'd months!

Simply follow the link!

I think I’ll have to make Beth’s ‘command center’ too!

Happy Day!!