What I did over Christmas vacation…

…besides EAT and visit family and more EATING!

WE ‘finished’ our powder room (aka bathroom) make-over! YEAH!

Much to my hubby’s chagrin, our bathroom re-do began back in July, 2011. We rarely tackle house projects during summer. There’s just too many ‘chores’ to attend to outdoors around the farm. Home improvements are normally relegated to winter. While the re-do appears cosmetic ~ the wallpaper had to go ~ it was driven by actual structural damage that began with too many years of dripping condensation from the toilet tank!!! Yes, condensation from the cold water supply on the tank (during the hot, humid summer), dripping onto the floor which eventually migrated beneath the floor, subfloor and finally dripping into the basement!!! HELLO!!!

Basically, we reused/recycled many of the original fixtures minimizing expenses.  The exceptions were a new vanity purchased locally from Home Depot and new sheet linoleum flooring. 

Patching and most of the structural repairs occurred over Thanksgiving weekend. Christmas break allowed us to complete the project.

Today, it looks like this… (the lighting makes it difficult to get a good pic).

The wallpaper is gone and we opted for a neutral satin enamel paint color… Winter Wheat from our local Ace Hardware. I like the narrow profile of the new Home Depot vanity too, since my bathroom is only roughly 5-1/2 feet X 4-1/2 feet.

I ‘re-painted’ the existing fixtures, including the wall strip-mounted  light fixture, Shaker-style mirror, toilet paper holder, towel bar, etc with ‘black’ acrylic paint.

We used/recycled beadboard (from our dining room make-over) on the ceiling… and hubby made me the ‘medicine cabinet’ to hang over the toilet.

Before… medicine cabinet in-process.

Side view…

And after my paint job…

I painted it with a light grey flat enamel and black trim accent, stained with walnut and then applied a tinted wax finish. We also used the same left-over beadboard for the cabinet’s interior.

And added a touch of whimsy…

…a hand-made ceramic sheepy door-knob. 🙂

A few finishing decorating touches…

Various salt-glazed pottery for toilet brush storage & waste basket.

I re-purposed a wrought iron plant hanger for a make-do towel bar and fastened it to the side of the vanity.

…and use an old wood tote for x-tra toilet paper storage… oops, needs re-filling!

Finally, a few more sheepy decor items…

A few more sheepy decor items… the stoneware bowl holds home-made potpourri.

I love my new old bathroom. Lesson learned: Don’t ignore the simple house maintenance chores ’til they become major fix-up projects! Right, hee hee!

P.S. Hubby made me a second ‘medicine cabinet’ to sell in my shop (I still have to paint it) to recoup some expenses. The vintage door I purchased didn’t work out, so I’m still on the lookout for an old farmhouse-style door. Always an adventure!

Happy New Year!