A first for me…

Today I needed a change of venue – something different from all the knitting/felting I’ve been doing. Something to help me get organized in 2011. To help rEmEMbEr all those on-line accounts and secret passwords!

A few weeks ago I came across an article in cloth+paper+scissors Jan/Feb 2011 issue.  In case you’re not familiar with it, it’s a mixed media collage publication (They have a website as well.). An article ‘Folder Journal’ intrigued me.

The article provided instruction on how-to create a journal from office supplies…that is, a simple manilla file folder! Hmmm…after studying the article, I thought to myself, I can do this!

WARNING! Now, I’m not very talented with a sewing machine, nor am I a big-time scrapper, BUT, I have NEVER sewn on PAPER before. Ugh…the tension adjustment drove me cRaZY!

Well, here’s my results. I’ve only just begun to decorate my journal and made a few cards. Perhaps after I cover all my mistakes, it won’t look so bad. Ha Ha

So, now I almost have a handy ‘journal’ to organize my computer notes & secret passwords.

The secret is in folding the file folder to create POCKETS for storing info.

You create a mini book, stitched with the machine and covered/embellished with cloth, paper, emphemera, etc.

My pages consist of sheepies, wool, hearts, my daughter in 2003…

I’m liking it primitive and tattered, but you can embellish to your heart’s desire! This would be a fun project with the girlfriends and your kids…I think you wouldn’t have to necessarily sew it with the machine?!??

And, so you don’t think I’ve been sluffing, here’s my hand-spun Shetland felted bag with a sheepy on it. Look for it in my etsy shop!

Do ewe like it?

What a G-R-E-A-T idea!

Take the challenge: Make something EVERY day in 2011! This is the brain child of Noah Scalin, author of 365: A Daily Creativity Journal.

While this may seem daunting on the surface, it really depends upon how you interpret ‘make something’.

Noah shares some of his thoughts…”so what’s the big deal? Doing something every day can change your life for the better, whether it’s gaining a new level of skill, nurturing latent abilities, or just seeing what dedication and commitment can produce. And no matter what the outcome, you will learn more about yourself and feel a sense of accomplishment that’s rare to find in our normal daily lives. A daily project is a personal journey that can offer you a rare opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth with tangible results.”

Interested? Check out more on Noah’s blog http://makesomething365.blogspot.com

‘Making something’ could be as simple as trying a new recipe, learning about the cuisine of another culture, take a walk, explore a museum…the opportunity for exploration and creativity is endless. I’m gonna re-do a bathroom, learn more about Indian cuisine – unique herbs and spices – make an ‘aged’ cheese…MY list goes on and on!

Think about what motivates you today and let’s grow together in 2011.