first steps

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-tzuChinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

Since my declaration to the world on ‘re-inventing’ myself (silly, somehow THAT makes it more real to me), I wanted to share my progress-to-date.

I began with re-painting my farm shop’s check-out counter. I should have taken before and after photos for more dramatic effect, but, I’m warning you, I’m not a pretty photographer ***AT ALL*** !! I don’t own a fancy camera(s), multiple lenses, lighting equipment, et al. [AND, I would greatly benefit from a 101-photo-taking-class-for dummies!]. I don’t own an iPhone either with that fantastic Instagram App that everyone is using/talking about! Ah, if only…

Anyway, I digress…

I spent ALL day (after the usual household chores) ’til dusk, clearing-out the clutter, and barely made a dent! You see, my check-out counter has become a convenient landing zone (er, dumping station).

Drumroll please….! Ta da!

Somehow, the black ‘base’ (formerly barn red) does the cherry wood top more justice (constructed lovingly by my hubby)!

A history lesson on the Colonial cage bar: The Colonial “cage” or “frame” bar was a standard element of 18th century colonial taverns. A closet-sized space walled off with panels of wooden bars, it protected the stores of whiskey, rum and wine while offering a secure storage space for other valuables and fragile items like punchbowls, glasses and decanters. The modern term ‘bar’ ~ referring to a public place where liquor is served ~ evolved from this early structure in colonial taverns.

Please excuse the mess! Today I’ll be tackling more shelving – behind – the counter!

P.S. I also finished making two dozen wooly cookies!! WOOT!