a bunny diversion

My attention has been diverted from sheep-making [for the moment] and consumed by bunny-making!


A little bunny to add to an Easter basket, table decoration or simply welcome family and friends at the door?


bunny pattern


Make a simple paper pattern and trace/pin onto your fabric. I used cotton muslin, but you could also choose a sweet calico print or wool. Remember to cut two: front and back. Stitch together 1/4-inch seam allowance all around. Leave an opening to stuff with fiberfill, sawdust, rag snippets, etc.

Once you have sewed your bunny, you may use tea-stain, or instant coffee with cinnamon or vanilla or diluted acrylic paint to ‘color’ your bunny. After they’re dry, embellish with buttons or beads for eyes, a few stitches for whiskers and mouth, details in the ear, and so on. Tie a ribbon around their neck or use a piece of jute. Don’t forget a cotton tail!!

Oh, just kidding. I made another sheep…(wink). I love the contrasting moorit and white!

sheepyhollow moorit

Happy Day!

The waiting game.

When the longer days and the warmer temperatures of Spring finally arrive, hardy bulbs are soon to appear. Each bulb slowly cracks open, a green shoot appears, and shortly after, amazing flowers! Crocuses and snowdrops followed by narcissus and tulips. 

But, for now…all I find in my garden are lots of bunnies! Do you know a female bunny is called a doe and a male bunny is a buck. Baby bunnies are called kits.

Lots of garden statuary…

…all shapes and sizes.

Most are blanketed by snow!

All anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring!

Perhaps today I’ll cut a few branches of forsythia and bring them inside to flower…to hurry spring along!