The ‘SCENT’ of love is in the air!

It’s goat breeding season!

Katie (and I) have been raising a small herd of Oberhasli dairy goats for over seven years. [WOW! Has it really been that long?] When I say small, I mean very small… the most ‘milkers’ we’ve ever ‘freshened’ (had in milk) have been three does (all at once)! That’s a lot of goat milk considering a standard-size goat produces about one-gallon of milk per day! Since I’m an empty-nester, one doe is more than adequate to fill my household needs for fresh milk!

But, we have never, ever owned a BUCK! We’ve raised a couple of wethers (castrated bucks), but, never kept a buck. Someday, perhaps Dennis will ‘allow’ me to own a buck ~ OR ~ Katie will advance in her college studies to provide assistance/instruct me regarding the intricacies of AI (which is becoming quite common for ‘ordinary’ goat folks to perform… once you have mastered the necessary skill and equipment, that is).

In the meantime, I have been fortunate blessed to have nearby goat friends who have ‘provided’ buck service for my girl(s) over these past seven years! I am eternally grateful!! I can’t imagine NOT having my own goat milk! It’s my goat therapy!

To successfully breed a goat without a buck in residence, ((or having a pet wether who still ‘acts’¬†like a buck as an ‘indicator’))…can be difficult. This is no ordinary task. First, one must be able to ‘detect’ a doe’s estrous cycle: tail wagging, mounting, bleating, milky discharge, etc. Then again, some does (particularly first-fresheners) are very secretive about their ‘time-of-month’.

The process thus far: make verbal pre-arrangement(s) with buck owner, carefully record observation(s), grab-n-snatch doe (praying and hoping that you’ve caught her at the right time realizing that¬†ovulation lasts about 12 to 36 hours from onset of standing heat), and race over to buck/friend’s house where he’s anxiously awaiting you/your doe’s arrival!

Then…. your doe decides to play hard-to-get!!! Is NOT the least bit interested in any pre-planned romantic rendezvous. So, you collect a smelly buck rag (sometimes unnecessary because the buck who’s doing his thingy to court your young lady has also rubbed-all-over you too) and return home. Another several hours have passed, you pre-arrange a sunset soiree, re-load your doe and off you go – AGAIN! Tail wagging, milky discharge, face rubbing on the buck rag! YES!! Timing is better!!

Rather be safe than sorry, we plan ONE MORE meeting for early morning!! Three times the charm, right??? Perhaps a pregnancy test in a few weeks would be prudent. In the meantime, I’ll need to decide whether to breed another doe… just in case!?

Yes, I thank God for friends that are willing to share!! I would NOT be doing/loving my goats without YOU! I thank you from the bottom of my goat-loving heart!