Katie’s bedroom [make-over] reveal

I suppose I shouldn’t procrastinate the BIG reveal of Katie’s bedroom make-over!!?? Right??? Even tho, I’m not quite finished with the decorating part. But, those final ‘personal’ touches [and acquisitions] do take time… and Katie’s pre-approval, naturally.

A quick reminder [for any newbies], Katie is my daughter (and second child) who has recently gone away to college…and I’m officially an ‘empty nester‘ [sigh]. Her brother, who preceded her by a few years, also had a bedroom make-over when he left for college. A right-of-passage, of sorts. Here’s a few earlier posts to refresh your memory… and here.

Now, I want to WARN you – in advance – that I’m not a photographer! In fact, I don’t really even like taking photos! But, I hope you can see past the blur, un-steady hand and gray November sky [ie poor lighting] and leave the rest to your imagination!!

Without further ado, drum-roll please…


First, Katie’s bedroom was ‘dismantled’ and stripped down of ‘clutter’.  Keep in mind, the dimension of her bedroom is about the size of her horse stalls [roughly 10-ft X 10-ft]. She chose gray paint for her bedroom walls (formerly blue) and wanted a more industrial/recycled decorating scheme. We found a gray duvet and various shades of gray pillow shams, linens, etc. at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond (on sale!).

I did-away with the ‘drum’ lamp shade on the existing table lamp and re-fitted it with an ‘Edison-style’ light bulb from Home Depot. The finish on the bed-side lamp happens to coordinate well with the ‘industrial-looking’ stainless steel finish on the vintage wall clock that I found at a local re-sale shop in town. 


Around the corner, Katie’s existing [curly maple] chest of drawers.


The ‘men on the i-beam photo‘ was existing wall art. However, the machinist’s lamp is new from Restoration Hardware. The recessed shelving is also new [and replaces Katie’s former desk and message board]. We purchased beefy reclaimed boards and The Hubs made the shelves adjustable…to suit Katie’s needs [and have yet to be filled].

The chair is also new!


I found the faux leather/chrome chair at Marshall’s for less than $50. Woot!


Here’s a better photo of the lamp; the armature allows the lamp to be re-positioned… and direct lighting as needed.


There’s a vintage wood stool in the corner; I painted the legs/base a darker shade of gray. It’s begging for a chunky wool hand-knit seat cover/cushion!

And that’s pretty much where we are today. I would like to settle-in and make a few hand-knit accessories/pillows, not to mention purchase vintage-looking horse anatomy poster-sized wall art. All in good time I suppose!

After all, the FUN is in the hunt!! Happy hunting!!