bedroom make-over [wants]

What I do know about Katie’s bedroom [make-over] WISH list:

Katie wants gray walls… but, not too dark, since her bedroom space is only about 10-feet X 10 1/2-feet (not including the closet and ‘nook’]. That’s funny!! It’s almost the size of her horse stall!! hahahaha!!! However, we can ‘accessorize’ with various shades of gray!

lots of pillows!

She wants a sort-of industrial, reclaimed/repurposed decorating scheme. Let me explain with a few photos & examples.

Here’s a few ideas for shelving in her ‘nook’ where her former desk/cork board resided [no more]!

love the shelving!

Rustic Shelf

But, we decided on ‘built-in’ shelving…I have a lead on some reclaimed 14-inch wide boards! Here’s what we’re currently thinking for the shelves in the nook.

bookshelf in a nook

A few accessories, can really help achieve the ‘industrial’ scheme also. A ‘special’ chair, for late night reading…!

huset gotland sheepskin


Salvaged, unique lighting/vintage-styled bulbs perhaps?


A touch of whimsy…knitted cord cover?

I need to knit a cord!! Matt Lamp: knit-cord lamp, industrial and soft at the same time

…and a few personal¬†touches: graphic ART [for the pre-vet Freshman]???


Source: jordantx

…and a touch of ‘glass’ [a new piggy bank?]. Green naturally…go MSU!


Soooooooo many ideas, my head is swimming!!! This ‘project’ is simply TOO much fun! Love you Katie!!!

on-going [Katie’s bedroom re-do]


katie room





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In love with every hue ...

Dream BIG. Work hard.

The ideas are plentiful [while the pocket book is somewhat limited]. But, we shall get there!!