Mystery poo

bat droppings bat guano. Photo courtesy of Morely Farwell

 pic via here

For the past week or so, I have noticed ‘mystery poo’ on the steps/landing leading into our house side entrance (from the garage)! My first thoughts were mouse droppings – or worse – possibly rats!!!? How could these vermin be so bold as to enter our abode with all my fierce barn cats living nearby?? Some predator control…huh?

There’s no way I’m sharing my home with rodents, sweet little ears & pink nose, or not! We threw down the gauntlet, accepted the challenge and declared war on our furry little friend(s)! The community cat food dish in the garage was the first to go!!! Batten down the hatches and out came the mouse traps – baited with peanut butter – a mousey delicacy. Needless to say…when the garage was ‘secured’, there were no droppings left from nightly raids. Apparently no re-visits? Another day or so later, more droppings on the stoop… once again, out with the mouse traps. This cat-and-mouse game continued for a week or so! By now, I’m getting creeped-out and I just want to get rid of the foul stenchious rodentious!

To make a long story short, last night the kids, hubby and I went to the theater to see The Dark Night Rises (ya know, the latest Batman movie). It was around 11 p.m. when we returned home… guess who came to pay us a visit…??? BUSTED!!! Caught in the act…

pic via here

What?? Never would have suspected the sweetest little Michigan brown bat…clinging to our screen door. How weird was that – Batman movie and all???? We just left him, expecting he’ll be gone by morning… and YES… there was more ‘poo’ left on the steps!!!

Mystery solved!