red, white and…


I made several ‘new’ pillows over the holiday week. A simple red stripe ticking pillow cover/insert and recycled grain sacks with tie closures [for ease of laundering].

While I was feeling patriotic, I also made a few red/white/blue banners.


I cut the pennants from an inexpensive cotton red striped dish towel! I folded over a seam [and machine stitched] to run my cotton cord through. I used bits of blue calico cotton fabric for the stars. I simply made a star paper pattern that I liked and traced it onto the blue fabric. [You could also block print/stamp a star motif.]


Since I didn’t want to spend hours hand-stitching all the stars to the pennant, I used a few dabs of fabric glue to make quick work out of my patriotic banner(s). There’s always room for one more…

 woohoo…and there you have it!

simple simple simple

Busy day, filled with fun projects. I felted several little catch-all wooly bowls first thing this morning. Once they’re dry, I’ll be needle felting sheep & hearts on them… for St. Valentine’s Day!  I’ll give you a peek when I’m done.

Took a break and played with my spinning wheel for a few hours with my friend, Deb. Always a pleasure to sit and spin and ‘visit’!

Then back to more projects…

Garlands, banners and little heartfelt muses!

A simple string of hand-dyed needle felted hearts and paper lace doilies. Very sweet!

Added a few paper hearts (using old book pages) to my sheepy banner too! Presto change-o! Was used for my sheepy tree, now it’s good thru St. Valentine’s Day!

Next, I had fun making this wee little tweet – heart wreath!

I used an old embroidery hoop for the wreath ‘frame’, wrapped it with natural 100% wool yarn (of course). I added a burlap ‘bow’ for texture/interest and stitched on a vintage pearl button.

The ‘bird’ is a rusted tin ornie that I covered with glue/glitter and attached to the wreath along with a paper heart cut-out from a page of vintage sheet music… it reads: ‘the rest of my days’.

Awwww… tweet tweet!