Surprise, surprise…more bucklings!

Yup! Coriander held off kidding ’til this morning chores…I was think’n about spending the nite in the barn ~ last nite~ but, found her in early labor at 4 a.m.

Welcome two MORE bucklings…Oberhasli bucklings! We have six bucklings all-together!

Only a couple of hours old…

Chow hound…taking a break for a quick pic!

Mom and kids are doing well! That’s a wrap for kidding around here. Katie said she’s running out of ‘car’ names for the bucklings! I can think of a few more…

I think I’ll put a pot of coffee on, pull out the knitting needles…cuz it’s SNOWING again!!! ARG!

Stay tuned…three Shetland ewes will be lambing in May. Hopefully it’s warmer, actually spring-like??