Black, white and…more

I know I’ve been lax in posting, and so much has been happening. It’s been cold and rainy; the barnyard has turned into boot suck’n muck and… I’ll admit, I’ve been down in the dumps a bit. Well, enough of that.

Dove (aka Ramble N White Dove and my ram Sheltrgpines Athos), experienced her first lambing and motherhood this past Tuesday afternoon. She gave birth to twin ewe lambs, one black and one white. My camera has been having ‘issues’ and it’s been difficult getting a proper photo (by myself) when the lambs are crawling all over me!

ALSO on Tuesday – not to be outdone by the sheepies – my daughter’s Alpine doe, Schaherezade, kidded twin bucklings.  

Alpine dairy goats are also referred to as the French Alpine – and come in many ‘French-y’ colors. This little guy is called ‘COU BLANC’. “‘How rude, maaaaa! Can’t you see I gotta pee!!?”  IT’S THE ONLY WAY HE’D STAND STILL FOR A PIC!!!

Ain’t he cute???

His brother,

is what’s referred to as ‘CHAMOISE’…very light tan/saffron(?) with a black dorsal stripe and belly, but no markings on his legs or face. In fact, this little guy’s face is marked with a white forehead. Perhaps he’s a broken CHAMOISE?

They’ll be looking for new loving homes in a couple of months!