dresser make-over

Somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, I needed a break from cooking, baking, eating and cleaning…

I decided to tackle a sweet little project that has been kinda stewing on the back burner for over a year! When my MIL passed a year ago last October, I ‘inherited’ ((that is, took ownership of, since no one else apparently knitted/crocheted)) a dresser. A rather plain, inexpensive, simple plywood veneered dresser used to store yarn and miscellaneous notions in her ‘craft’ room.

I’ve been wanting to give Plain Jane/Clumsy Cleo a little make-over ever since I took occupancy of my basement workroom last December. I think she deserves a little TLC !! (Don’t we all??)

BEFORE: (Naturally, I jump right in and didn’t think to take a ‘before’ photo!)

The bare bones…


The three drawers and old hardware/drawer pulls…

dresser drawer

A rather simple three-drawer dresser; not a particular awesome antique/vintage piece. Still, worthy of a low-investment upgrade!!


dresser makeover1

Amazing what a little left-over latex (black) house paint can do to lift a girl’s spirit!! I also added a touch of gray to the only wood accent trim piece (below the first drawer)! I removed the old drawer pulls, patched one of the holes with wood putty from each drawer pull and replaced them with ‘new’ gray ceramic knobs I found at Hobby Lobby for 1/2-off!! Woot!!

dresser makeover2

I ‘finished’ her with a paste wax rub-down!

dresser makeover

I think she had a successful day at the spa!! She’s a welcome addition to my workroom!

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