wooly wednesday: overwhelmed


Feeling a bit overwhelmed! Three of our Ober kids left home this past Sunday for green pastures down in Kentucky!! Bittersweet for sure… miss those sweet kids!! We have two bucklings (Merry’s triplets) still looking for a good ‘pet’ home… since I will be castrating them soon!

So, I’ve been adjusting my bottle-feeding schedule and cheesemaking schedule… to adapt to SO MUCH MORE MILK!!! I suppose it’s a good thing at the moment, since Dairy Days (an event at Metropark Wolcott Farm) is ‘happening’ on Saturday. I’ll be working/talking about cheesemaking.

The gardens seem to require constant attention, staking the tomatoes, picking snow peas and weeding!!

My Shetland lambs are growing well… looking for homes also (also bittersweet!)!!

2 thoughts on “wooly wednesday: overwhelmed

  1. …do not take the garden for granted…enjoy the abundance and even the weeds (therapy!) of your labor. This is the first year for us here in California that we didn’t plant a garden for lack of water. I’m beside myself, argh. Guess I’ll have to clean the house or something!

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