First completed project of 2015!


Is it really February already?? The holidays are already a blur… and that’s a very good thing. There have been so many family life-changing events in the past year, that it’s good to move forward into a NEW year/fresh start!

Speaking of the new year, we have already accomplished our FIRST little housekeeping project of 2015!!


Here you see the last bits of wall paper remnants in our house: the front entrance/foyer. The c. 1989 vinyl wall paper consisted of a border of a village of houses (already removed before I thought to take a photo) and a rather neutral calico ‘field’.  A very typical ‘country’ decor look back in the day??


The stripping was a little bit easier with the help of a steamer, but still very labor intense!! Also, this little project took us a bit longer than anticipated (Murphy’s Law right?) because somewhere in-between, Dennis managed to fall off a ladder in the barn and dislocate his left shoulder!!!! Ouch!!! BTW, he is slowly recovering  (while I’m experiencing new aches & pains from doing his share of chores, ugh!). However, the removing, scrubbing and more scrubbing, small repair/patch and painting has been completed! YAY!


As an aside, while his shoulder was mending/immobile (and I was oh so patiently waiting), I managed to sneak in another small DIY project. I’ve been wanting to make-over this flea market side table for quite a while!

table re-do1

Here’s a BEFORE shot (after I lightly sanded the side table and remembered to take a photo). OOPS!

…and here’s an AFTER shot!

table re-do


I had purchased this side table a few years ago. I really love her clean lines, spindle legs and camphored drawer (and original knob). I was sooooo tempted to use some well-known milk paint (or chalk paint), but, decided to use what paint material I had in my paint cabinet. Sigh! I ended up using our local hardware black, satin enamel paint. ((I know you’re thinking, “What did you use black paint for???” Answer: The black & white striped flooring in the drying barn. )) I also painted a gray accent stripe on the legs and left the original drawer un-painted/as is. She sits beside my pie safe in the above photos.

And that’s that!


2 thoughts on “First completed project of 2015!

    • Nice!! That will be so much fun! I would have loved to experiment with MMS milk paint… but, I chose the inexpensive route. I also have an old icky dresser from my MIL that I use to store yarn that I want to paint. I can’t bring myself to pay more for the paint than the furniture is worth!? haha

      I would love to see your NEW wardrobe!! Best wishes!!

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