What happened to August???

Dear Friends!

Blink and it’s September… already!! Much has happened since we ‘talked’ last.

Our local Armada Ag Fair occupied a good portion of my time before, during and after Fair Week. As the 4-H Goat and Fiber Sheep volunteer Superintendent, I was busy coming and going, but, mostly all went very well. We had one ‘Open’ goat family turned away due to suspicious health concerns – which is always difficult and heartbreaking, but, necessary for the health and welfare of other goat exhibitors!

Also during the month of August, one Friday evening [while enjoying our family traditional pizza and video night], I received an emergency call from the ambulance driver/attendees that my mom was discovered by a neighbor laying in her backyard unconscious!! YIKES!! That was a long night/morning. After spending several days in the hospital and a zillion tests, it was concluded that she was in fairly good health… most likely passed-out from hyperthermia/dehydration. Certainly, very serious for a woman almost 90 years old.

The family has concluded that mom may no longer live alone! Mary, my younger sister came to live with her [in the meantime] as we prepare to sell her house [a major undertaking to ‘connect’ to the City sewer and abandon her septic system]. Mary will be moving mom into her home in Traverse City… where she’ll be well-cared-for under a watchful eye.

Then, springboard into our next crisis… my MIL suffered a mini-stroke (mini???) leaving her unable to speak and use her right arm/hand. She’s also experiencing difficulty balance/walking and requires assistance to use the facilities. We have spent two weeks so far in the hospital (all the while Dennis has been working on a project in Ann Arbor, about 1-1/2 hour daily commute). Needless to say, we are like two ships that pass in the night. Now, more tests are required due to some recent developments. The test results indicate inoperable brain tumor. We are devastated.

Can’t get much worse, right? We receive news that my ‘big sister’ has died tragically. Depression is a real disease; an ugly monster!

betty_May 2014


My sister with baby goat this past May 2014.




Left to right: My sister, mom, me and Dennis on the farm, May 2014.

She is in the loving arms of our heavenly Father! ((If any ‘family’ reads this, please, no calls to my mom… my sister doesn’t think she can cope with the sad news.))

…and I’m missing my kids who are back at college, working hard!! Do me a favor and hug someone today (and every day), perhaps give them a kiss and a kind word! XXOO

13 thoughts on “What happened to August???

  1. Oh Jenny! I am so sorry to read about all these incidents (for lack of a better word) that have happened to your family over the summer. How tragic. I am just so sorry you have had to experience this. Life changes in the blink of an eye. Thank you for your post. Your family is in my prayers.

    • Thank you Carla! I don’t know whether it’s appropriate to write about family and suffering, but, I hope it helps someone to know that tragedy occurs in ‘normal’ families too! Love one another and be kind (:

    • I am exhausted, both emotionally and physically… but, keeping busy helps me even if my body suffers afterwards. I’m sure it may be viewed as some sort of punishment for not being a ‘better’ sister? We must focus on the happy memories and spread the kindness. Thank you for thoughts!

  2. omg, what a rough summer. hang in there, and take good care of yourself and your family. you will somehow get through it all. we are sending lots of prayers and healing thoughts your way

  3. Lovely family photos, that is a beautiful one of your sister and the baby goat.. I am so sorry for your loss, what a truly terrible time! I hope that things improve with your mom and MIL..

    • Thank you. My mom’s house is listed w/a realtor (and she will be heading up north w/my sister). My MIL, Shirley, was discharged from the hospital yesterday. She returned home/rec’ing hospice care. Prayers are most welcome!

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