2 thoughts on “Feltmaking in Iran

  1. …always enjoy your posts on Monday morn. I’m saddened by all the ‘stuff’ going on in your lives right now. I commented not too long ago on one of your blogs and stated we must be about the same age, and we are, because about the same type of things are going on in all of us ’60 y.o.’ Lives. Definatly the most difficult time in mine as well, to live for and care for aging moms and dads. Whew, but you’ll make it. To have your sister help with your mom is huge. …and with MIL we can only offer that up to God’ s love and care as that one is totally in his hands too. Some things are just out of our control. Our aging moms need our love and support to help them with this last journey and walk. I found and still find ( as my Mom is now 93and me 61) it’s so difficult physically because I am also not as young and have slowed down as well. This is part of our job, beside our other real job if we are still working as hubs and I are, is to do whatever keeps my moms life going. Yet I can’t do it all which is frustrating.
    You don’t know me but you’re are in my thoughts and prayers. Help each one of the moms with this last walk as they both helped us along the way. Pray for strength because it’s so mentally and physically tiring. Families come together in these times and you’ll be a stronger family because you’ll help each other through it. Hang in there momma, this too shall pass. Linda

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