Lavender project


My patch of lavender got away from me [this year]. Again?? It seems like only yesterday, I did a M A J O R rejuvenation on this garden!!?? I haven’t been as committed as prior years [when I was young younger]; I would pick EACH and EVERY stem of lavender!!! NOTHING went to waste! 😦

Recently, I have encouraged ‘You-Pick’ with the public which, in truth, has not been very successful.


And so, rejuvenation of my lavender [Munstead and Hidcote] began, even this late in the season. It took me another three days to complete this task. My poor hands! I can hardly tweak or pull another weed in the garden(s). Next year, hopefully, we’ll have a bumper crop for pick’n!


I tossed some trimmings over the fence into the sheep pen… they ate some and enjoyed the aromatherapy treatments! I think of it as ‘moth-proofing’ their wool fleece.


I had one mighty ceremonial smudge fire… under a full moon, dancing wildly, naked!!! Oh what fun!!!

3 thoughts on “Lavender project

    • It was hard work… but, the scent was heavenly!!! I’m not sure what to do with my ‘grosso’. It’s not as hardy; I may remove all the remaining plants after a small harvest and re-plant? :/

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