The decommissioning of my ‘herb’ garden [adjacent to the farm shop] began yesterday. We’re de-constructing the >20-year old existing raised beds. That is, we’re removing pretty much all of the existing beds in favor of a very simple/workable garden layout. Three beds. That is all I want. Simplify. Three raised beds.


The ‘former’ garden layout was far too intricate/too busy considering the space… in my opinion. After much discussion, we begin Phase 1: The prep work. We re-set a few of the posts for the surrounding picket fence. Next, remove volunteer plants from the footpath, knock apart existing beds carefully so we can recycle/reuse wood, remove/stockpile soil, remove oyster shell from footpath, transplant a few herbs, etc.

new bed

Here is ONE of the new raised beds; two more to go. All of the surrounding ‘beds’ will be removed. The old farm pump/water feature will remain.


The scope of work seems ‘minimal’. However, the progression/sequencing of work is VERY time-consuming!! This project really should have been started a couple of months ago… and ready for planting. But, it took me  a while to ‘work’ on my hubby.


Reusable materials! Pretty much everything [especially lumber] gets a second life around the farmyard!

Hope you have a productive week!

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