pond scum

We have a little ‘fish’ pond/water feature tucked into the corner of the backyard/garden. Zeak, Katie’s new puppy, DISCOVERED it the other day when he was helping me in the garden… and fell in.


Fortunately, he was not hurt and managed to keep his head above water!


He wasn’t frightened of the water/pond; he’s obsessed with it now! BTW, I’ve been calling Zeak, ‘Little Geek’ from the movie The Abyss [do you know it?].







Naughty puppy… he smells like stinky pond scum!! YUK!! I had to give him a bath before he came back into the house! [Katie was away at class.]

So, before Zeak falls into the pond again, I decided I better clean/muck out all the decayed leaves and crap. OH MY LORD – GAG!!!


Armed with buckets, hose, scrub brush/scrubby pad, pitch fork and rubber boots!!!


NOTHING glam about a 58-year-old getting into a mosquito-infested stinky hole… as you can imagine!! UGH!!!


That’s a lot of debris… which I STILL have to clean-up/dispose!




Now, I won’t have to worry about Zeak if he decides to go for a swim or take a drink!! Ya know, the water tastes better from the pond than his water bowl! [wink]


Crossed off my to-do list!!! Ready for flora and fauna!

1 thought on “pond scum

  1. You might want to water the tree fairly extensively – I think the Illinois gardening book has hints about caring for newly transplanted trees – I love the fact you’ll get flowers in the spring, that’ll look pretty with the green awnings – The attachment is in case you were still thinking about a pond in the back

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