A busy week.

The past week has been both busy and productive! Memorial Day weekend is ~ traditionally ~ the big push to get the garden planted… safe to presume there’s no longer a threat of frost here in Michigan!? I’ve been weeding, purchasing seeds/starter plants [tomato and green peppers] and amending the soil with more compost… to make-ready for the actual planting. Most of the planting was performed by my husband, Katie (who’s home for the summer) and Matt and his girlfriend, Sam. Many hands make light work!!

garden beds

We have a small [but productive] vegetable garden consisting of raised beds.


The Hubs prefers to grow tomato plants on a ‘trellis’, keeping the fruit off the ground. Bush beans are planted opposite the tomatoes. I have yet to plant a few more veggies (winter squash I think) in the remaining open space. Next up, replace the split rail fence [that currently encompasses the veggie garden] with a picket fence – a more goat kid-proof alternative now that the garden is ‘occupied‘!


It was a beautiful weekend for bonfires and camping in the backyard!

Also in the works… my herb garden make-over. The raised beds, after many years of service,  require re-building too. I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to also re-design/simplify the herb garden. Fewer beds and less congestion in the existing footprint. More on that as we make progress.

The lambs [all eleven of them] and goat kids are growing well! Can you believe the Oberhasli kids are 8-weeks-old today!?

gendry 8wks

This is Gendry, the buckling, who will probably be castrated/wethered soon [since I’ve had no ‘nibbles’ in potential sale as a herd sire].


Here is a photo of the doeling, Arya, with Katie’s horse, Neo.

kids 8 wks

NOM NOM NOM… Mama said we can have a little grain now that we’re old enough! They’ll still get a bottle as long as they’re here… at least for now. Looking for good homes for both Arya and Gendry!!

Last week we also welcomed a new member to the family: Katie’s German Shepherd puppy, Zeak.


Zeak, helping me ‘weed’ the garden! Almost 9-weeks old and a FULL-time babysitting job!


Whoa! He needs to grow into those ears!!! He’s a busy little farm dog and will be a great companion for our rescue dog, Thunder! At the present time, Zeak is enjoying limited house-life… until he’s a bit older [and bigger].


Katie and Nash enjoying a ride! Happy trails!!



3 thoughts on “A busy week.

  1. Great weekend! Goats and Zeak are adorable. Amazing that Zeak’s ears are already that upright! He will be a big, strong boy. 🙂 As for frost, I hope you are right – we had frost and freeze warnings last night. I got lucky, no frost, because I did not cover anything, I was mad at the weatherman. 🙂

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