Happy Wovember!


Wovember Words #1.

Hello WOOLY ‘Wovember’! I’m soooo happy you arrived!!! I’ve been very busy, it’s been difficult to drop-in and say ‘hello, readers‘!

The entire month of October is a blur, since I began working as an Interpreter at Wolcott Farm. I’ve allowed many many things to fall between the cracks at house and home…and I’ve been struggling to fit  employment into my already busy schedule, particularly, the re-birth of my cottage business! [sigh]. I’m for sure and for certain going through creative withdrawal!!! I NEED to make something quick…wrap my hands around some fiber-y goodness!

It has also been difficult downsizing my meals [quantity-wise for The Hubs and I] and actually cooking for that matter! I steal-away time to cook something wholesome either early mornings and/or in-between days off. Mom has been experiencing the benefit of my super-sized meals! …and Mom needs much more TLC and looking after as of late!

What I have been able to accomplish – for the most part – is Katie’s bedroom make-over!  It still needs a few personal touches and hand-knit accessories, but, I’m getting there as my ‘free’ time allows. I promise I’ll post photos as best I can! The NEXT project will be tackling her bathroom!!! YIKES!!!

I’ve also been able to sneak-in/complete a couple special request/custom ETSY orders. YAY.

…and arranged a breeding ‘date’ with a beautiful buck for my Oberhasli milking goat, Coriander; cleaned-up the veggie garden [with the help of my goats, naturally] and even managed to bake an apple strudel the other day!

I hope to do better, to keep you informed of farm happenings, as we settle into pre-winter chores [and fewer hours at work]! HAPPY DAY!!

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