Caramel and Apple

This sounds like a real autumn treat! I can’t wait to make ‘Apple Cider Caramels’ posted by Fort Pelham Farm. Perhaps I’ll ‘try’ an adaptation with my goat milk! Happy Day!

Fort Pelham Farm

130921 Caramel (1)Last week I was perusing the King Arthur Flour catalog (a guilty pleasure of mine) and they had a recipe for Apple Cider Caramels.  I thought, hmmmm, this might be a fun thing to try with the potential of being delicious, anything that contains heavy cream and butter has to be good. It also was something that I could make with ingredients I had on hand.  The recipe calls for boiled cider – a bottle of which is sitting in my refrigerator.  I’m always looking for ways of using it because the apple flavor is intense. The website Foodie with Family has a good description of boiled cider and the simple, albeit long process of making it.

The recipe for the caramels can be found at the King Arthur Flour website.  They are extraordinarily simple to make.  The biggest problem I had initially was the size of my pan.  I had…

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