shelves [for Katie]

Who knew sourcing reclaimed, industrial-looking (ie beefy) wood boards (for Katie’s bedroom make-over) would turn into such a MAJOR project!!!!?????

I thought I wanted at least four shelves for her built-in nook! About 18-inches between each shelf would allow enough – SPACE – for the larger size text-book and any other  STUFF she deems shelf-worthy!

I don’t really want standard ‘dimensional’ lumber that you can purchase at a local hardware store.

A nice WIDE board, greater than 12-inches, would be great! [sigh]

We’ve looked at some reclaimed/recycled boards… chock-full of nails (which really scares The Hubs) and ROTTED…described to us as ‘ORGANIC’???!!!!? Holy cow, and pricey!!! Really????

So, we’re going back to the drawing board and looking at local lumber mills in the area. Perhaps we’ll find the ‘beefy boards’ we’re looking for?

…to be continued!

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