my Katie [an intro]

Since my current ‘project‘ is my daughter’s bedroom make-over, I thought it might be nice for you to meet my Katie! Katie is my No.2 child (Matt is her big brother).

katie barn 001


My Katie has always loved ‘the great outdoors’ and playing with her barnyard menagerie. Instead of party dresses, she’d rather be wearing barn boots! She invited the critters to tea parties and ‘dress-up’ on a regular basis. Her horses ARE her best-est friends!

Now that she’s all grown-up [all of 18-years old], I’d like to tell you that she’s a VERY hard worker, intelligent, soccer maniac and a dedicated, fun-loving friend! She HATES math and adores her daddy!


She’s very health conscious and LOVES to ‘work-out’ [especially with Matt]!!



But really… isn’t she adorable???


She cleans-up pretty good!!! 😀

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