Katie’s bedroom make-over [the process]

Welcome to Katie’s bedroom! The process of Katie’s bedroom make-over begins with a deep clean!!! I already began the ‘cleaning‘ and ‘de-cluttering‘ process (as you can see from the photo below), BEFORE I thought to take a few pictures. Everyone loves BEFORE and AFTER photos, right???

katie room

Her ‘existing’ bedroom is a pretty blue as far as paint colors go! As you can see, I’ve tossed/piled lots of STUFF onto her bed from the shelves, side table, peg racks, etc. She’ll need to sort through ALL the stuff and decide what she wants to keep and/or toss.

First things first. In order to paint the ceiling and walls, EVERYTHING must come down. We begin with assessing the ‘bones’ and building a foundation (just like gardening – heehee)!

The David Smith tiger maple [stained cherry] 4-drawer dresser, side table and bed will remain during the make-over. Everything else will go! What you don’t see/already removed, is the curio [with many of Katie’s collectables), a desk/chair and wall-to-wall cork board in the nook. The shelf above the bed will be removed and recycled.

enter from hall

We decided to build shelves in the nook (where her desk once resided). Another shelf above her bed seems redundant and currently NOT is the design plan!

Here’s another view/angle of Katie’s bedroom. The ‘NOOK’. Our house is a Cape Cod design… need I say more??


As I mentioned, The Hubs will build shelves in this nook. I’m currently looking at 14-inch wide recycled boards…??


This is the view from the nook looking ‘south’, across her bed and closet. The window faces East.

sw corner

…the view from the window looking across her bed. You can see the chest of drawers/dresser and door to the hallway.

Progress to-date: I’ve dusted and washed the ceiling and walls, removed hardware, patched and primed ‘holes’ from shelves, etc. We purchased paint for the ceiling and walls…Katie wants gray walls (we’ll paint the ceiling ‘traditional’ white).

Today [when The Hubs gets home from work], we begin to paint the ceiling! 😀

3 thoughts on “Katie’s bedroom make-over [the process]

  1. It’s going to look great. So many shades of gray to choose from.
    What color did you decide to go with?
    Doing the same in my our bedroom. Great weather for painting isn’t it?

    • We/Katie chose a light shade of gray…as her bedroom is quite small. It will contrast nicely with any ‘accessories’! I’ll be adding all the details on my blog…as we progress! 🙂 Yes, it’s good to do these little home improvement projects with big results!! Good luck on your bedroom too! [wink]

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