Bless this mess [Katie’s room gets a make-over]

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (chuckle) that my daughter Katie has gone off to college! WOOP!! Of course, Katie going to Michigan State University is a VERY GOOD THING! I’m so very very excited for her!!!

Image:Recover From Empty Nest Syndrome Step 4.jpg

Nevertheless, I know I’m experiencing a bit of ’empty nest syndrome’. Yes, I can attest that it’s real! I’ve gone through it before – when my son Matt – left for University of Michigan a few years ago too. But, it was different! I still had Katie at home, and – for purely selfish reasons – she’s my No. 1 Back-Up!!! A No. 1 Back-Up on a farm is necessary if not critical!!! (HINT: Make sure all you wanna-be FarmHers out there have a reliable back-up!)

I’ve been researching Empty Nest Syndrome and found this article helpful! I’ve taken some advice to heart!! For example: “Avoid creating a shrine out of your child’s bedroom. If they didn’t clean it up before they left, throw some of your emotions into removing all that trash! Eliminate some of the clutter, but carefully place your child’s keepsakes in safe storage.”

So, when Matt left for college, The Hubs and I re-did his personal space…his bedroom! A deep clean/de-clutter of all his – dare I say, boyish collectibles – (most of which have been relocated to the shelves in the basement), fresh paint, bedding, lighting, a comfortable chair (for reading)…that sort of thing!

And, I’m undertaking a similar ‘project‘ with Katie’s bedroom make-over!! However, Katie has been vocal suggesting her ‘likes’ and ‘needs’! Oh what FUN FUN FUN!!!

You’ll be hearing more on this little PROJECT as it unfolds!!

Happy weekend!!!

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