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A week ago, I purchased a half-bushes of peaches…delicious juicy peaches! When I told my mom (who’s 88 and very wise), she said ” That’s alot of peaches…and they don’t keep long.”

Where was she when I was buying them….?????

After MORE than two-dozen jars of peach preserves and baking several peach crisp/cobbler, I thought it might be wise to TRY something new??

Peach Salsa



How about peach salsa? The Hub’s immediate reaction was a thumb’s down… totally YUK!  😦

Well, I ran out to get MORE canning jars!!! While standing in-line at the check-out counter, a sweet little old lady said, “You must be canning peaches!” I re-told her my story/dilemma and her advice to me was, “Honey, you go ahead and make whatever you want!!!”

…and so I made a small batch of tomato peach salsa!!! IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Even The Hub’s agreed it was very good (the sweetness of the peaches cut the acidity of the tomatoes)! We quickly devoured a second bowl-full with chips and a cold beer!!

Now, over the years, I really don’t use a salsa recipe…I simply add a little of this and that from the garden to suit our taste!! But, here’s my original tomato salsa recipe (to get you started)…with sliced UNPEELED peaches added to suit our taste (I added at least six peaches to the pot)! ALSO, follow the links from the above photos for more peach salsa recipes!

5 cups mixed variety of UNPEELED cut-up tomatoes (squeezed to remove seeds)

1 green pepper diced (or more)

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 Tablespoon salt (to taste)

1 teaspoon cumin (optional, to taste)

1 cayenne/jalapeno pepper(s) for HEAT ( to taste )

1 large diced onion (you may also add fresh clove(s) garlic

Tomato paste to ‘adjust’ thickness, optional

Fresh cilantro (optional, to taste)

Simmer 30-45 minutes until stewed/consistency of salsa. You may place in jars and store in refrigerator OR hot-pack for 15-minutes.

Experiment in the kitchen…and play a little!!

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