5 thoughts on “Pork: The Other White Meat??

  1. Hi Jenny, a busy summer here in SE Ohio. We have been feeding our pigs an organic meal we created using ground barley, peas non-GMO corn and bran. We have a mill here in Ohio Amish country grind it for us. It’s the best pork we have ever tasted. Even our neighbors who raise pigs the conventional way raved about it. If you will notice we use no soybeans. We developed this recipe from a book called” Harris on the Pig.” My secret ingredient is goat skim milk!

    • Hi Tari! OMG! Your pig/pork sounds ahhhmazing!! YUM, I’m sure it’s delicious! Almost makes me want to raise our own…!!!??? My mom is a war-bride, originally from Austria, and she told me they kept a dairy goat just to feed their hogs. They always raised two: one for their family and the other they sold to the Village butcher!! I know many folks use their surplus goats’ milk for raising veal and pork! Do you butcher at a certain age/weight??

  2. We get piglets in the spring and butcher when they are around 250-300 lbs. Usually around mid-November. We butcher the first one for us and then let the second one get bigger and make whole hog sausage for sale. It pays for the feed.

  3. We buy piglets from our neighbors who raise crossbred York/Hampshires. I think Hamps are our favorite though. When we were first married we raised Hampshires in Indiana.

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