a simple paper craft…

goat show1

Our local Armada Fair is only a few short weeks away. I decided we (our 4-H Goat Project) needed a little something to simply advertise and decorate the goat tent…and advertise the day of the goat show…the main EVENT the 4-H goat kids work toward all year!

Naturally, with limited time and materials [and moola], I put my hand to paper ***** or, hand to computer keyboard and printer, that is!*****


I ‘designed’ a SIMPLE [let’s call it handbill] by choosing different FONTS and SIZEs, added a line here and there…then, copied a vintage-looking goat from THE GRAPHICS FAIRY .

I printed my flyer/pennant on card stock paper [available in any craft/office supply]. I chose the vintage-looking ‘parchment’ paper. Once printed, I applied two coats (front & back) of mod podge for a little durability. Cut-out the pennant shape, punch a couple of holes (you could add eyelets/grommets if desired) and add a length of twine!! Viola!!

This would be a cute bunting for a craft show, party event, family gathering, wedding…don’t ‘ya think?

As an alternative, you could use fabric and iron-on transfer paper like so…

goat show

I may have gone a little overboard on the tea staining! REMINDER: If your image contains ‘words’ you have to print the REVERSE onto your transfer paper…so you can read it properly!

It’s basically the same ‘process’ as the paper-pennant above, but you’ll need fabric (I used tea-stained muslin) and iron-on transfer paper (available from any craft store…and discount coupons help offset the cost!). Simply follow the instructions provided by the transfer paper manufacturer. Make a seam at the top edge and string together or hang individually!

Whatever floats your boat!! 🙂

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