sneak peek…

Katie’s been busy working on her 4-H Armada Fair projects [most likely her last year in 4-H]. As mentioned in an earlier post, every year she enters a ‘dairy’ project utilizing her goats’ milk. The process begins by choosing a COUNTRY and discovering facts about their dairy/cheese culture. In addition to the dairy/cheese actual product [which the judges actually taste/eat!!!], Katie also ‘creates’ a story book to document her findings and methods…

She shops for materials at the Dollar Store; a children’s board book is simply transformed…with magazine snippets, photos, stickers, stamps, etc.


An inexpensive altered book of sorts.

sneak peek

It’s an awesome simple creative project for kids [the two-legged variety!]!

Similarly, Katie is documenting her WOOL 4-H Project…

b4wool book

She just so happened to find this sheepy board book at the Dollar Store…


…and immediately began to ALTER the ‘booklet’ to make it her own!

fiber book

Pretty simple, eh? It’s a great project to get the kids’ creative juices flowing…on a hot summer’s day! Allow the children to choose a TOPIC or EVENT that’s familiar to them, assemble a few ART supplies and watch their creativity SOAR!!!

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