…what to wear?

Hmmmmm…what to wear to Fair for the GOAT Show??? Any ideas, Slater???



I know… something ‘GOATY’ perhaps? MUST LOVE GOATS!


goat milk shirt

Of course!!!  A simple DIY 4H project! Read about ‘how-to’ bleach pen ART here!

6 thoughts on “…what to wear?

    • Thanks! My lambs are first sheared as yearlings in the Spring. Generally, sheep are sheared once per year – usually in the Spring (prior to lambing)…although sheep may be sheared year-round, especially for the meat market. Some long-wool sheep are sheared 2X/yr, Spring and Fall. Hope this helps. (:

      • Thank you for the information. I am a new pet owner…this is a new hobby, so I am learning as I go. My 6 month old ram (shetland) seems to need a “hair cut” …yes, I am a dog person…still learning all the terms.

  1. Love the tea shirt. Haven’t tried the bleach pen art yet but will definately add it to my looooong list of to-do’s. We have a couple of market lambs that are 1/2 shetland and BFL with beautiful fleeces. They will get sheared before they are sent to the local butcher.

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